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Coronavirus (COVID-19)-related research reagents available from the NIBSC

Information for customers- changes to the NIBSC ordering process from 6 May 2019

Due to changes in Customs requirements and increased costs to NIBSC, a new series of shipping and handling charges are being introduced for orders placed on or after 1st April 2021.

The NIBSC provides a wide range of biological reference materials and reagents, including WHO international standards, influenza reagents, Quality Control Reagents Unit (QCRU) reagents and other CE-marked IVD reagents.

All biological reference materials, influenza reagents and IVD products are available to buy online.

We also hold over 6,000 research reagents managed by the Centre for AIDS Reagents (CFAR). The CJD Resource Centre supplies characterised materials for developing and evaluating diagnostic tests for Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD).

We are also active in the field of cell biology. We are the home of the UK Stem Cell Bank which provides a world-leading resource of ethically- sourced, quality-controlled human embryonic and other stem cell lines for research applications. Future plans include banking and distribution of EU Tissue and Cells Directive-compliant human stem cell lines. We also provide cell lines for use in the manufacture and testing of vaccines.