Dr Elsa Abranches Acting Head of Advanced Therapies/ Director of UK Stem Cell Bank Advanced Therapies
Dr Neil Almond Head Infectious Disease Diagnostics Division Virology
Dr Rob Anderson Senior Scientist Virology
Dr Nicola Beresford Senior Scientist, Physico-chemical Analysis Group Bacteriology
Dr Neil Berry Principal Scientist Virology
Dr Barbara Bolgiano Group Leader, Physico-chemical Analysis Group Bacteriology
Dr Paul Bowyer Principal Scientist Bacteriology
Dr Donna Bryan Senior Scientist Bacteriology
Dr Chris Burns Head of Biotherapeutics Division Biotherapeutics
Dr Rory Care Principal Scientist, Pneumococcal Group Bacteriology
Dr Hannah Chan Principal Scientist, Bacteriology
Dr Jillian Cooper Head of CJD Research and Resource Centre Virology
Dr Carmen Coxon Senior Scientist, Haemostasis Section Biotherapeutics
Dr Sandra S. Diebold Section Leader, Cellular Immunology Biotherapeutics
Dr Carl Dolman Principal Scientist Biotherapeutics
Dr Othmar Engelhardt Principal Scientist Virology
Bernard Fox Senior Scientist, Molecular Immunology section Biotherapeutics
Dr Martin Fritzsche Head of Sequencing Technologies Analytical Sciences
Dr Fang (Frank) Gao Senior Scientist, Physico-chemical Analysis Group Bacteriology
Dr Sarah Gilbert Princial Scientist Virology
Dr Elaine Gray Principal Scientist Biotherapeutics
Dr Ross Hawkins Principal Scientist Advanced Therapies
Dr Mei Mei Ho Principal Scientist and Group Leader Bacteriology
John Hogwood Senior scientist, Haemostasis section Biotherapeutics
Dr Anthony Hubbard Section Leader, Haemostasis Biotherapeutics
Dr Simon E. Hufton Section Leader, Molecular Immunology Biotherapeutics
Alison James Head of Standards Processing Division Standards Processing
Dr Bhagwati Khatri Senior Scientist Bacteriology
Dr Francesco Lescai Head of Bioinformatics Analytical Sciences
Dr Jason Long  Principal Scientist Virology
Dr Colin Longstaff Principal Scientist Biotherapeutics
Dr Andrew Macadam Principal Scientist Virology
Dr Kirsty MacLellan-Gibson Head, Biological Imaging Group Analytical Sciences
Dr Kevin Markey Principal Scientist Bacteriology
Dr Javier Martin Principal Scientist Virology
Dr Paul Matejtschuk Principal Scientist and Section Head, Standardisation Science Technology Analytical Sciences
Dr Fatme Mawas Principal Scientist Bacteriology
Clare Morris Senior Scientist Virology
Dr Anna Nowocin Head of Flow Cytometry Standardisation Biotherapeutics
Dr Mark Page Principal Scientist Virology
Dr Sandra Prior Senior Scientist, Molecular Immunology section Biotherapeutics
Dr Sanj Raut Principal Scientist, Haemostasis Section Biotherapeutics
Peter Rigsby Head of Biostatistics Analytical Sciences
Dr Sjoerd Rijpkema  Principal Scientist Bacteriology
Dr Nicola Rose Head of Virology Division Virology
Dr Tim Rudd Head of NMR Spectroscopy  Analytical Sciences
Dr Silke Schepelmann Principal Scientist Virology
Dr Christian Schneider Director
Dr Chrysi Sergaki Leader, Microbiome Group Bacteriology
Dr Alexandra Shaw Senior Scientist Bacteriology
Dr Paul Stickings Head of Toxins Group, Interim Head of Bacteriology Division Bacteriology
Dr Lucy Studholme Senior Scientist - Immunohaematology Biotherapeutics
Dr Craig Thelwell Senior Scientist, Haemostasis section Biotherapeutics
Dr Sandrine Vessillier Principal Scientist Biotherapeutics
Caroline Vipond Principal Scientist Bacteriology
Dr Meenu Wadhwa Section Leader, Cytokines & Growth Factors Biotherapeutics
Dr Jun Wheeler Principal Scentist and Leader of Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics Analytical Sciences
Dr Dianna E Wilkinson Principal Scientist Virology
Dr Helen Wilmot Senior Scientist, Haemostasis Section Biotherapeutics
Dr Stella Williams Senior Scientist and Commercial Project Manager, Haemostasis Section Biotherapeutics
Dr Yuan Zhao Leader of gene therapy Section Advanced Therapies